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Internship Series: DLA Piper

Lola Adeosun (CAS'18) spent her summer behind the scenes of a law firm.

Internship Series: UROP, Interdisciplinary Modernist Studies

Nicole Rizzo CAS/KHC’18 | English Research Assistant CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities? Nicole: The focus of my internship was locating images, then researching and requesting permissions, and collaborating with international archives, artists, website owners, and publishers to assist in the publication of an upcoming book on Japanese noh theater. This experience taught me ...

Internship Series: UROP (Children’s Literature)

Nina Becker Jobim CAS ‘16 | English Researcher During the summer of 2015, Nina Becker Jobim worked on a UROP project with Professor Anna Henchman assembling materials to help create a new class on children’s literature. CCD: How did you find the position? What helped you get it? What resources (at BU or elsewhere) did ...