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Advice from the Other Side: Career Fair Reflections and Academic Skills

I hope you all had a wonderful experience at the BU Career Fair on Wednesday. Selling yourself to recruiters can be daunting, and I think there can be a general tendency to put great emphasis on how your major has prepared you for a specific job or profession. As you reflect on your Career Fair experience, ...

Career Fairs for Introverts

Are you shy and overwhelmed by career fairs? Martha Brill shares tips on how to manage what might seem like a daunting event.

Steps to Take at the Career Fair

Each year, the CCD hosts two Career Fairs, one in October, and one in February. Career Fairs connect students and alumni with employers from a variety of industries. The employers (for-profit, non-profit, and government) recruit for both internship and full-time positions, and they all have the same goal: recruit Boston University students and alumni. But ...