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Alumni Spotlight: Trip Jagolta, Toast

Heard of the local start-up Toast? BU Alum, Trip Jagolta will share his experience working at a company that provides Point of Sales and management that helps restaurants improve their operations. Trip Jagolta is a Product Manager at Toast. He graduated from BU 's School of Hospitality with a BA in Hospitality Administration in 2016.  ...

BU Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Oliveras

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BU Alumni Spotlight: Ian Seeley

Ever thought of making a career change? In our Alumni Spotlight series, meet a Terrier who went from politics to business!

Connect With Alumni On The Career Advisory Network

When looking for people to network with, don't forget young alumni! Because they have just recently transitioned from school to a professional career, they can offer you a fresh perspective on how to manage the sometimes tricky transition from college to work, as well as recommend effective strategies in finding your first professional job or ...

Advice from the Other Side: Essential Job Search Tips

If you’re anything like I was during my senior year of college, the prospect of finishing up your undergraduate education and having to start your career in the “real world” is, well, pretty scary. Some students are able to secure jobs before they graduate, and that’s great! However, that wasn’t my experience, and it’s perfectly ...