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Answering The Most-Dreaded Interview Question

Great, you’ve got an interview for an internship or job that really excites you! You begin to prepare for the interview and think about the most frequently asked question: “So, tell me about yourself.” You get nervous just thinking about such an open-ended question. Rather than dread this inquiry, here are some do’s and don’ts ...

On-Campus Interviews = Employers Come to You

On-campus interviews are a win-win for all involved. Employers coming to campus want to hire BU students. Who knows, they just might hire you!

Why an Action Plan Works

What is a career action plan? It is a way to stay focused on both short-term (one to two years out) and long-term (two years or more) career goals. An action plan helps keep you on track and moving forward as you make progress in understanding, exploring, and attaining a career that is a great ...

How Studying Abroad Can Help Build Your Mosaic

When you graduate, an employer or graduate school will be interested in ALL of the experiences you had as an undergraduate student. Studying abroad is one that you may be able to showcase, but it is up to you to illustrate why your study abroad experience is relevant and valuable for the job (or degree ...

Why People Skills Matter

Martha Brill shares a few tips to demystify what people skills are, how you can gain them, and how to talk about them as you pursue internships and jobs.

What Can Social Media Do for Your Job Search?

Despite any horror stories you may have heard, social media can be quite useful to a job search.

24hrs Before the Interview: Panic Prevention!

Congratulations, you landed an interview! Whether for an internship, job, volunteer work, or graduate school, you will want to prepare—both well in advance and during the last 24 hours. An interview is just like any other big event; the better prepared you are, the less likely you will be to panic! Let’s assume you’ve done ...