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Advice from the Other Side: How Internships Prepare You for a Career

Boston University provides students with a comprehensive, well-rounded education that prepares you for meaningful careers in all sorts of exciting industries. There’s no doubt that your time spent as a Terrier will strengthen your knowledge and skill set, but you want to be sure that you are not relying solely on your coursework to get ...

Advice from the Other Side: Setting Goals in the Workplace

The first few months of a new job are all about getting your bearings and learning the essential functions of your role. After you’ve got the basics down, it’s important to continue to grow your skill set and continue to develop professionally. Setting goals (whether short-term or long-term) is vital to achieving success both in ...

Internship Series: The Raptor Trust

Kaylee Motter (CAS'19) spent the summer as an Avian Care Intern, learning about how to care for orphaned birds and much more.

Internship Series: Animal Emergency & Referral Associates

Larissa Davis (CAS/SED'19) spent the summer assisting with the treatment of sick animals.

Advice from the Other Side: Owning Your Career Path

With the spring semester coming to an end and summer quickly approaching, Terriers are securing all kinds of exciting summer internships, fellowships, research opportunities, full-time jobs, and graduate school acceptances. You’re happy that your friends are succeeding in their career development, but what happens if you don’t get the position you wanted, or the salary ...

Internship Series: JD Spicer Zeb Solicitors

As part of her Study Abroad semester, Morgan Ashurian (CAS'18) learned about the criminal justice system in the UK.

Internship Series: Optum

Erostin Lushka (ENG'18) spent his summer as a software engineer, learning new coding tools and collaborating with others.

Internship Series: Deloitte

Shivansh Chaturvedi (CAS/Questrom'19) spent his summer at Deloitte's offices in India, meeting clients and learning business processes.

Internship Series: The Boston Globe

Natasha Mascarenhas (COM'19) spent her summer at the Boston Globe, immersed in breaking news and social media for a major news organization.

Advice from the Other Side: Stay Flexible

Have you ever wondered why there are distribution requirements at BU? If you come to BU knowing in your heart of hearts that you want to be a mechanical engineer, why are you forced to sit through a humanities requirement? If you know that you want to be an English professor, why must you suffer ...