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Olivia joined Boston University and the Center for Career Development in July 2019. In her role as Yawkey Internship Coordinator, Olivia oversees the Yawkey Internship Program, an opportunity for BU sophomores and juniors to secure funding for non-profit internships. Olivia holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Boston College, and recently completed a year of service in the AmeriCorps VISTA program. Outside of work, Olivia enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and seeing live music.

Practicing Authentic Gratitude While Networking

Career development hinges on where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go on your professional journey. Inevitably, however, there are a multitude of other people involved in the process. Whether you're reaching out to your LinkedIn or alumni network, conducting an informational interview, taking advantage of a mock interview, or ...

The CCD Funded Internships: What You Need to Know

Ever wondered what the CCD Funded Internships are like and if they're right for you? We've got all the answers right here!

Developing Skills Outside the Classroom

As we all understand, life moves frighteningly quickly. Not only do the physical seasons seem to fly by, but put in the context of career conversations, the speed of life can make decisions (both academic and career related) quite blurry. It might seem difficult, as a student at Boston University, to simultaneously focus on an ...

How To: Avoid the Comparison Trap

As an upperclassman, the alarming speed at which my college graduation date approached me was accompanied by a mixed bag of feelings: excitement, relief, apprehension, gripping fear, etc. I often felt what I imagine it feels like to jump off a cliff, not knowing what awaits at the bottom of the foreseeable abyss. Dramatic, right? ...