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Martha is an Assistant Director of Counseling & Programs and has been with the Center for Career Development since 1998. Although she advises students from all colleges and majors, her affiliation is with communications, media and the arts. She enjoys facilitating the process of gaining knowledge about one’s values, skills, interests, and personality strengths and making informed decisions about career direction. She earned her undergraduate degree from Northeastern University in criminal justice and obtained a master of education degree with a concentration in counseling from UMass Boston. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, drawing, jogging, and volunteering to help grieving families cope with their loss.

Why an Action Plan Works

What is a career action plan? It is a way to stay focused on both short-term (one to two years out) and long-term (two years or more) career goals. An action plan helps keep you on track and moving forward as you make progress in understanding, exploring, and attaining a career that is a great ...

Why People Skills Matter

Martha Brill shares a few tips to demystify what people skills are, how you can gain them, and how to talk about them as you pursue internships and jobs.

Tips for Setting and Reaching Career Goals

Sometimes the idea of deciding what your career goals will be puts great pressure on you to make the “right” decision and that can stop you in your tracks. To help with this, we recommend that you break your goals into more manageable pieces. Simplify the process by looking at your goals from two perspectives—what ...