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Jesse is the Associate Director of Counseling & Programs and joined the Center for Career Development in 2011. In her role, Jesse counsels students, as well as facilitates workshops and programs on a number of topics from networking, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and more. She graduated from Boston College with a bachelor of arts in psychology and communications and a master of arts in higher education administration. Outside of work, Jesse enjoys baking and decorating cakes, dancing, and boating. She also volunteers at a dog shelter and hangs out with her own adopted black lab named Onyx.

In Job Interviews, Look Before You Leap

When you go on an interview, especially a later round interview at the company office, you will want to make sure that you gather as much information about the company, role, culture, and people as the interviewer(s) gather about you. You should be interviewing the interviewer. Just like they are trying to make sure that ...

Using A Staffing Agency

Jesse Ohrenberger shares the inside scoop on using staffing agencies in your job search.

Making the Most of Career Counseling

There are lots of services at the CCD to help you with making decisions about your academic and career development, including career counseling. But we often hear from students that they aren’t sure what to do at a career counseling appointment, or even what a career counselor does. In an earlier post, we answered the ...

What Does a Career Counselor Do?

The CCD has many resources available to help you during your time at BU and even after you graduate. One of the most personalized resources for you is a career counseling appointment. The CCD has seven counselors who work with undergraduates, master’s and PhD students, and alumni from all schools and colleges at BU. Career ...

The Nonprofit World

Many people have misconceptions about working for nonprofits; that it means earning no money or that the only jobs are those focused on providing direct service or asking for money. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

How Studying Abroad Can Help Build Your Mosaic

When you graduate, an employer or graduate school will be interested in ALL of the experiences you had as an undergraduate student. Studying abroad is one that you may be able to showcase, but it is up to you to illustrate why your study abroad experience is relevant and valuable for the job (or degree ...

What Can Social Media Do for Your Job Search?

Despite any horror stories you may have heard, social media can be quite useful to a job search.