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Esther joined the Center for Career Development in July 2018. In her role, Esther advises students on career education, facilitate workshop on a variety of career development topics such as resume writing, networking, interviewing and more. Prior to coming to Boston University, she worked at various nonprofits and community colleges providing career services and teaching basic adult education classes. She holds a bachelor in political science with a minor in sociology and a master of arts in American Politics from Loyola University Chicago. Esther enjoys visiting her family and friends in her home city, Chicago. Her hobbies include, reading, DIY projects, dancing and cooking.

How To Put Your COVID-19 Experience on a Resume

COVID-19 has disrupted many people’s career plans and has forced them to think and work creatively. For some people, they may have gained new skills by implementing innovative strategies, technology and services. Others may have been furloughed or may have lost their jobs. In that case, they may have volunteered, took freelance roles, or started ...

Alumni Spotlight: Trip Jagolta, Toast

Heard of the local start-up Toast? BU Alum, Trip Jagolta will share his experience working at a company that provides Point of Sales and management that helps restaurants improve their operations. Trip Jagolta is a Product Manager at Toast. He graduated from BU 's School of Hospitality with a BA in Hospitality Administration in 2016.  ...

BU Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Oliveras

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BU Alumni Spotlight: Ian Seeley

Ever thought of making a career change? In our Alumni Spotlight series, meet a Terrier who went from politics to business!

Networking Tips for Minority Professionals

I recently met with a BU journalism major who shared about her experience networking as an Asian American pursuing a career in media. She noted that, "It's very easy to feel isolated in the career world. Since journalism is extremely competitive, times can arise where you feel like the barriers your facing are insurmountable. " ...

The Benefits of Professional Associations

There are many ways to network. One way to enhance your career and meet other people in your field is to join a professional association. Here are some benefits of joining an association: Network Being connected to people in your field, part of your affinity group or who share similar interests to you will open ...