Should Transfer Students Include Information About Their Past School on Their Resumes?

If you studied at a previous institution before attending Boston University, you may be wondering if you should include your previous school on your resume. Generally, it is most important to include the institutions where you have or will earn a degree from. However, there are some instances where you might want to include your past education.

Relevant coursework and academic achievements are examples of when you might want to include your previous education. If there are any academic achievements that you earned at your previous school that you wish to highlight on your resume, then you should include these. Likewise, if there is any unique coursework or projects from your previous institution that is relevant to the internships or jobs you are applying for, then you may also want to include this information on your resume.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is another instance where you might want to include your past education. If you played on a sports team, belonged to a club, held a leadership position, or won awards, then you may want to include these details on your resume.

When listing education, coursework, projects, activities, etc., it is important to be clear. If you are including any of this information from your previous institution on your resume, then you should make sure to have your past education clearly displayed on your resume. Be sure to list the institutions in reverse chronological order.

If your Boston University degree is most relevant to your career goals and there is not anything specific from the previous institution that you want to highlight, then it is fine to not include it.  Resume space is valuable. Ultimately it is your decision and remember that resumes can be customized. You can tailor your resume depending on the opportunity. You may want to highlight an experience from your previous institution for one opportunity, but for another opportunity, it may not be relevant, so you can leave it out.

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