Signing Up for Events and the Importance of Attending Them

Do you know that Boston University and its career development offices run outstanding, life-changing events during the year for undergraduate and graduate students? We know you are incredibly busy with competing priorities such as classes, studying, work, athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities.

Yet, when you sign up for a career development event such as career fairs, information sessions, mock interviews, on-campus interviews and meet & greets, it is very important you make sure to be at the event.

Here is why:

  1. It is important to follow up and follow through with your obligations. This is not just important for attending events but for your future as a working professional.
  2. At events, you can find out more about specific employers, what they do and what they are looking for in potential job candidates and learn answers to your questions.
  3. Events offer a chance to network with and meet incredible organizations and professionals that span multiple industries.
  4. After networking at the event, you can build a relationship with your new contacts. Instead of thinking of networking as a means of asking for a job, think about building a solid relationship to develop your credibility with professionals who might then be able to help you get a position in the future.
  5. Events can help you with your resume. It is important to find out from professionals in your chosen industry what you should/should not include on your resume. They often provide tips to help you stand out from the competition.

One of your goals after graduating from BU is to land a great job. Be sure to take advantage of virtual or on-campus events to increase your chances of doing just that.

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