Words of Advice From Employers

Applying for a job involves more than just submitting a cover letter and resume.  It also requires the applicant to read all of the details and follow directions.  Not sure what this means? Here are a few tips to help you land that job.

Review all requirements and follow them

The number one piece of advice we hear from employers is that applicants need to review all of the requirements before applying to a position.  If an employer states that both a cover letter and resume are required to be considered for the position, you need to submit both.  You might have a great resume with all of the experience that the employer is looking for, but this is an easy way to get screened out.  Employers are inundated with applications and they are looking for the perfect candidate; neglecting to submit a required document says a lot about your candidacy and it shows that you might not have attention to detail (an important trait that employers are looking for).

Read the job description, not just the title

Some employers use applicant tracking systems to filter out candidates.  In it, the employer plugs in the characteristics, traits, and attributes they’re looking for.  If those things don’t populate, the employer might not see your information to review.  The key is to take time to read the job description.  Don’t just see that it’s an internship and apply.  There are important pieces in the description that the employer wants you to touch upon.  If you don’t address those things, it will put you at a disadvantage and you’ll potentially be screened out.

Give yourself credit for what you’ve done

Oftentimes, employers tell us that students don’t give themselves enough credit for what they know and what they’ve done.  Customer service and writing skills are important.  Show these skills off in the resume.  For example, retail workers have strong customer service skills.  Highlight the skills! Don’t make the employer wonder if you have them.  Recruiters spend seconds on a resume, they don’t have time to put the puzzle pieces together.  Show the employer what you’re capable of and you might move past the screen and onto the interview.

Update your resume

Make sure you update your resume with the skillsets you have.  If you meet an employer and they ask for your resume, it should be up to date.  Continually hone your resume, tweak it, and have it looked at.  Don’t just include work experience, include all relevant experience.  If you’re part of a club, include it.  All experience (both paid and unpaid) is important.

Finding a job is a job in itself. The most successful applicants show what they can do, they don’t just hope that they can do it.   Time and attention can go a long way in your job search.  Remember, you’re not in it alone.  The CCD is always here to help you along the way.

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