Get to Know the CCD’s Identity-Centered Resources

Who we are plays a role in everything we do. From the food we choose to eat to the tools we use to stay on track, our habits and preferences shape our everyday lives. 

Our personal identities, however, are not things we get to change or leave behind. They make up the core of who we are and drive the meaning behind our existence.

When we apply to jobs, select graduate programs to apply to, or get excited about an internship opportunity, we are bringing our whole selves along for the ride. And, while we live in a world where our race is something we may not want to disclose and our disability status creates bias from employers, there are tools available to aid in navigating your career path while still keeping your identity at the forefront of your journey. 

The CCD has created a collection of Identity-Centered Resources as a starting point for job seekers and career pavers whose identities stand at the forefront of their personal and professional lives. We acknowledge that these resources are by no means comprehensive and that they will evolve over time. With advancements in support of the many varied identities of the students and alumni we serve, we look forward to updating this page with the best resources possible.

We’ve identified seven different identity categories – Students of Color, Disabilities, First-Generation and Low-Income, International, LGBTQIA+, Undocumented and DACA, and Veterans – that can be navigated to find internships and jobs, find community, including professional associations and networking groups, find support at BU, and to learn about your rights navigating the workplace with your identity in mind.

For example, if you identify as Native American, you might choose to explore Native Hire, a job board that’s specifically catered to supporting Native Americans in the job search process. You might also explore the American Indian Business Leaders networking platform to connect with other professionals who share some or all aspects of your identity.

Every resource we highlight is hyperlinked and will take you to a new tab to begin exploring, once clicked. The expandable option for each identity group makes navigating between each category more seamless, especially for individuals with intersecting identities. We’ve consulted with student groups, our own student employees, and our staff. Prioritizing lived experience intelligence and multiple perspectives was important to us in the creation of this resource and continues to be a pillar of its continued support for the BU community. 

We are excited to be able to offer these identity-centered resources for students, alumni, and the entire BU community to utilize in their unique career journeys. From workshops and presentations in select classes to individual counseling appointments, we are committed to supporting you in your career journey, no matter what that looks like. And, if what we’ve collected is not enough, we’ll work with you to find resources that do meet your needs. 

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