Employer Perspective: Evelyn LoGiudici of Brilliant Earth

Please tell us a little about your organization:
Brilliant Earth was founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg as a response to the lack of transparency and irresponsible mining practices that confront the jewelry industry today. Brilliant Earth began with the belief that exceptional quality, ethically sourced jewelry can be an effective tool for social change. From our award-winning jewelry designs and responsibly sourced materials to our personalized showroom experience, customers never need to compromise between quality and conscience. Brilliant Earth makes jewelry you can feel good about wearing with thoughtful craftsmanship in every phase of production. With our Beyond Conflict Free™ diamonds and commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we hope to inspire a more transparent, sustainable, compassionate, and inclusive jewelry industry. Learn more here!

Brilliant Earth is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce jewelers in the world and a leader in ethical-origin fine jewelry. We are on the lookout for bright, motivated candidates who are eager to make an impact from day one and grow with a team of passionate and kind people!

Why does your organization recruit at BU?
When recruiting at Brilliant Earth, we look for driven and passionate individuals who are dedicated to our founding mission of creating a more ethical, transparent, compassionate, and sustainable jewelry industry. With Boston University’s commitment to educating students to be reflective, resourceful, and adaptable, we are excited by the connection these values share with our core values and pillars of culture. With many of our positions in Customer Experience and Product Operations being geared toward new and recent graduates, we are excited to welcome those with a growth mindset who are eager to build a career and develop personally and professionally in this ever-changing world.

What are the characteristics of a successful intern or employee at your organization?
Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, all with unique skills and interests, but there are a few characteristics our most successful employees have in common. With the customer experience being top of mind, employees at Brilliant Earth are driven not only by the desire to help customers but by a passion for going above and beyond for every customer.

Whether they’re working with a customer or a teammate, our team members bring a positive and collaborative perspective to their work. As a data-driven company, we strive to set and exceed our goals, and our team members are each working towards their own individual goals and projects. As a member of the Brilliant Earth team, you’ll be a key player in driving our mission forward!

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses you see in BU applicants to your organization?
When reviewing applicants from Boston University and beyond, there are a variety of strengths and qualities that we look for. When hiring for our open positions, we are looking for individuals who will be passionate advocates of our mission. With this in mind, it’s always exciting when a candidate comes to an interview having done research on who we are and is able to share how the opportunity at Brilliant Earth aligns with their goals. Additionally, we look to applicants’ soft and hard skills as potential. For example, an eye for detail, a high level of communication, being a team player, time management, and the ability to learn and grow are all assets we look for in our team members at Brilliant Earth.

What would you recommend a student learn now to ensure long-term success in your field?
We connected with Gabrielle Gangi, our Customer Experience Manager in our Boston showroom and she shared, “Time management is such a crucial and important skill to learn as a student that can be a make or break in any field. Involvement in extracurricular, whether it be sports, clubs, fraternal or Panhellenic organizations, etc will usually require a student to juggle their academic excellence with the responsibilities expected of them. In the workplace, you will not only be juggling multiple customers or projects within a work day but also these skills translate well to establishing a healthy work/life balance!”

What do you consider the value of using career services before graduation?
Preparation is an essential key to success. As a student nearing graduation, career services is an accessible and free resource available to prepare you for the current job market. They can help you to build a resume that stands out, prepare you for interview conversations, and introduce you to unique careers and organizations. These are resources that are not always easily accessible after graduation so we definitely recommend taking advantage of them to set yourself up for success.

Are there upcoming events or deadlines for applying to your organization that students should know about?
We have a rolling interview process which means that we actively accept applications for all roles posted on our Careers page until the role is filled. While there is no deadline, we do recommend submitting your application as soon as possible! We also offer a variety of in-person and virtual career events. Follow Brilliant Earth on LinkedIn or sign up for our Talent Community on our Careers Page to stay updated on events!

Is there anything else you would like to talk about?
Since our founding, sustainability has been core to our Mission – from how we make our products, to our supply chain and internal practices, and to our giving back initiatives. Our products are designed to endure generations, and we seek to reduce our environmental footprint by keeping our jewelry circular, through customer programs and initiatives like carbon offsetting. See our 2020-2021 Sustainability Report to learn more about our commitments as a company and keep an eye out for updates on our goals!

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