The Pros and Cons of Working on Campus

It has been said that universities are like mini-cities. They require many departments to complete a wide variety of tasks in order to run successfully. A number of these departments employ current students part-time. If you are considering a job on BU’s campus, read to learn more about the pros and cons of on-campus jobs.


  • Supervisors understand that you are a student first
    Your supervisor chose to work on a college campus and work with college students, so they are likely going to understand your many commitments. Additionally, offices often follow the break schedule of your classes, so when schedules are changed due to a holiday weekend, your office schedule will change too.
  • Networking
    Professional staff members also choose to work in higher education and are often happy to mentor you or have conversations about your career. They can also help you get connected to on-campus resources and other opportunities. Additionally, your co-workers might be students who you would not normally work with, expanding your on-campus network. 
  • Experience
    There are a lot of on-campus jobs that don’t require any experience and are prepared to train you. You can then bring these skills into your next job.
  • Convenience
    Working on campus might be the easiest commute of your career! Additionally, a lot of the systems and lingo will likely be familiar to you as a student. 


  • The job may be challenging to continue during breaks
    If you are looking for a year-round job, this may not be possible with your on-campus job. That is something you might want to ask during an interview. Off-campus jobs may be looking for you to stay over the summer and possibly even increase your hours. This is true of other vacations such as intercession. 
  • You might not find exactly what you are looking for
    While there are a lot of jobs for students, you may not find the exact thing you are looking for. In this case, being in Boston is an advantage because many companies are willing to hire students. 
  • Scheduling
    Scheduling can be tough in an on-campus job. If you work in an office, they may only be open 9-5 which can be challenging with a course schedule. Off-campus jobs may offer opportunities to work in the evenings and on weekends. 

No matter how you choose to spend your time in college, participating in an on-campus job is one way to gain skills while experiencing a new side of the university.

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