Employer Perspectives: Ángeles Riera of Delta Partners

CCD Editor’s NoteThe CCD is proud to use its Employer Perspectives series to showcase the diverse, exciting, and engaged employers that recruit BU students.

Please tell us a little about your organization:
Our TMT-sector specialization (Telecoms, Media and Tech), strategy and executional capabilities, on-the-ground presence in different geographies and our 360-degree perspective sets us apart while offering a range of unique skillsets to our clients around the world.

We have a global reach with offices in key hubs in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Spain, Singapore, Australia, and the United States of America. We actively engage with clients and investors across all continents.

Not only do we focus on TMT, but also on the key hot topics that are shaping the future of the industry. Those include topics like Corporate Strategy, Infrastructure, Analytics, and Customer Experience, among others.

To get to know more about Delta, we encourage you to take a look to our Delta Partners Manifesto that you can find on our website.

Why does your organization recruit at BU?
As a small but global consulting firm, Delta Partners thrives thanks to its employees and the various backgrounds and experiences that have shaped them as professionals and team-members

At Delta Partners, ideas are truly the coin of the realm as innovative thinking is not only welcomed, but strongly encouraged and fostered as part of our corporate culture. We are convinced that this is where our key competitive edge lies, allowing us to compete with top players in a challenging industry.

Recruiting at BU helps us reach a diverse talent pool with experiences living, working and studying abroad. As a result, across our 9 global offices we have more than 25 nationalities represented, and in New York alone we have 11 nationalities as well. We believe at Delta Partners, that Boston University, with its large and diverse class, including a motivated international student community is the perfect place for us to find new talent.

What are the characteristics of a successful intern or employee at your organization?
Competing in the same league as some of the most successful consulting firms requires that our staff be committed to going above and beyond for our clients and for each other. A successful employee or intern at Delta Partners will be outgoing, willing to learn, and motivated to make the extra effort to be successful. In addition, being resourceful, detail-oriented and good with time management are all important characteristics to have.

We also look for students with a passion for solving problems and providing quality strategic advice to key decision-makers. In this line of work, projects often have unexpected challenges so the ability to think on your feet and approach situations with an open and creative mindset will be particularly important.

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses you see from BU applicants to your organization?
What has been most impressive from our BU applicants is their willingness to learn quickly in a demanding environment. The new skills and work ethic demanded at Delta Partners and in strategy/ management consulting industry more widely have never been issue for BU graduates. On the contrary, we have noticed that our new hires often thrive in such an environment, welcoming the opportunity to take on new challenges. Most weaknesses that we notice in our interns and entry-level joiners are not specific to BU students. Many undergrads do not have some of the necessary technical tools to be effective in their work as a Business Analyst, which can be heavy on quantitative modeling and telecommunications-specific industry issues. However, such obstacles are overcome with interns who are willing to learn and are interested in delving into the world of technology, telecommunications and consulting.

What would you recommend a student learn now to ensure long-term success in your field?
This answer varies widely depending on which year you are in as younger students should focus on understanding their interests and passions while upperclassmen should begin to tailor their courses and extracurriculars with their career goals in mind. However, beyond a choosing a particular major or learning a specific skill, at Delta Partners we believe that the main determinant of long-term success, both within the company and in the long term, is enjoying your work.

We recommend that students take opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to hone transferrable skills such as problem-solving, leadership and teambuilding, Excel, professional writing, and slide design. This can be done through the several on-campus organizations and student groups that are focused on consulting or client-facing services, be it on a smaller or pro-bono scale. If students enjoy that type of work, it is a good indicator that a career in consulting and at Delta Partners could be the next step in their professional development.

Are there upcoming events or deadlines for applying to your organization students should know about?

We are coming to Campus to hold a Company Info Session next October 4, 2022, from 12 to 1 pm. We will be happy to explain to you there a bit more about Delta and solve any queries you might have.

We are also keen to organize events with the BU Consulting Club throughout the year, we are happy to help everyone to get a closer feel of the consulting industry, what we do, and how to get ready to start a career here.

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