Looking for an Internship for International Students

Are you thinking about looking for an internship right now? Let’s start with the basics – Why get an internship? There are so many benefits to getting an internship and further developing your skills.  Employers are seeking students who can show that they have built their transferable skills from previous experiences as well as their knowledge and passion. Internships will allow you to build on the skills that you currently have and are very marketable on your resume. In addition, you will get the opportunity to see if the career is of interest and if you want to pursue it further. Just as importantly, you will be adding to your network and contacts as you move forward toward your career goals.

Here are a few tips to get started – We at the Center for Career Development can help you with all aspects of looking for internships from making decisions about which career to how to market yourself successfully. We have many resources to help guide you in doing research on your chosen industry or position.  Resources like Firsthand and What Can I Do with a Major in will help you explore your career options. You can learn more in-depth about what to expect and what is required. As you learn, use the information to show the match between you and the internship requirements through your marketing material including your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Again, you can make an appointment with someone at the CCD to review and improve your marketing materials.

Another tip – Always do your research on the company or organization before you write your cover letter and prepare yourself for an interview. Get to know and understand the company’s mission, needs successes, and recent developments. Check out their “About Us section” on their website, their mission statement, and current initiatives.  Other tools that will help you do your research include LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

If you are planning to apply globally, we recommend checking out another resource GoinGlobal which includes country, city, and global city guides with a range of links to help in your search including specific job search sites for the location you have chosen and more.  In addition, take advantage of your BU community contacts by tapping into BU Connects, a platform brought to you by the BU Alumni office. It includes a directory that you can filter by your program of study, the company you are interested in, and much more.  Through BU Connects you can request an informational interview to learn in more depth what the company requires, what their culture is like, and inside strategies on how they hire and what they are seeking in a strong candidate.

Lastly, we also recommend that you know your visa status and the requirements for obtaining an internship.  A great place to get started is to watch a few videos on OPT, and CPT on the ISSO website and then make an appointment with your ISSO advisor to clarify any questions that you have. Internships are a valuable part of your college experience and will open doors for your future career goals, be sure to take advantage of these opportunities to gain experience and start making connections to move toward your career success.

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