What To Do After the Career Fair

You’ve successfully attended the University-Wide Virtual Career Fair, getting to know employers and learning about exciting new opportunities. But it’s not over yet! Here are three steps you should take to ensure you’ve made the most of the career fair. 

Firstly, you should follow up with employers in a timely manner. You can shoot them an email, call them, or message them on Handshake, thanking them for their time and mentioning something specific you talked about in your session. If you’re interested in working for their organization, describe what attracts you to the company and include your resume in the message.

Secondly, you should reflect on your experience at the career fair. Think about what went well and what didn’t, and which employers you liked more than others. These reflections can help you prepare for future career fairs, and can also aid you with your career journey.

Thirdly, if you manage to get an interview, make sure to prepare yourself! One resource that can help sharpen your interviewing skills is Big Interview, an online platform where you can practice answers to tough questions and build your confidence. See our website for more tips on interview preparation.

The Center for Career Development offers various workshops and events throughout the year to refine your networking, interviewing, and resume skills. Don’t wait until the next career fair comes around, start preparing today!

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