One Cool Tool: CareerShift

If you are in the job search process, CareerShift is a tool you will want to check out. You may not be a familiar with CareerShift, but it is a digital career tool available to BU degree students.

CareerShift gives you easy access to job postings from all job boards and company websites. You are able to filter your search based on keyword, location, company name, experience level and more. You can save positions and set up saved searches. You can opt to receive notifications whenever a new job is posted that matches your search criteria. All listings in CareerShift are current. All postings are no older than 30 days.

CareerShift has recently added filters for remote work as well as for listings that mention H-1B Visa Sponsorship. Please read job descriptions carefully as the sponsorship filter will also pick up postings that mention sponsorship is NOT available. A link to view companies that have sponsored H-1B Visas in the past can also be found on the Advanced Search job posting page.

In addition to searching positions, CareerShift also gives you access to search hundreds of companies and contacts. As with the job listings, there are also a number of filters to narrow your search for both companies and contacts. One great option is the School Attended field in the contact search, which helps to identify BU alumni at particular companies.

With CareerShift you can also store and send resumes, cover letters, and other documents. You can setup email campaigns which makes it easy to track all your correspondences with employers. You can also set up reminders to follow up. Everything can be stored and accessed at any time.

Navigating CareerShift is made easier by the helpful hints located throughout the site. Look for the “?” icon and hover over it to learn helpful hints. The Help section also gives you access to tutorials and webinars. You can also contact support directly via email or phone. New updates to CareerShift can also be found in the Help section.

CareerShift is great tool to aide in your job search process and it can be accessed through the Resources section in Handshake. Check it out now!

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