How to Have Successful Virtual Connections with Employers

By Fellenia Chan (Questrom ’22), CCD-ERC Student Ambassador 

With the continuous advancement of technology and the greater use of online platforms, it’s more important than ever for students to understand how to connect with employers in a virtual space. From traditional career fairs to employer information sessions, more recruiters and companies are opting to host virtual sessions to maximize their reach. 

With this in mind, what steps can students take to successfully connect with employers virtually? 

Attend Virtual Career Fairs / Networking Events 

One way that students can connect with employers virtually is through virtual networking events such as career fairs, employer information sessions, and coffee chats. These events are designed to give employers and recruiters the opportunity to connect with students and to scout out potential applicants. It is also a great chance for students to learn more about companies and about the different career opportunities that are offered. To find these events, we encourage checking out the BU Center for Career Development’s calendar or Handshake

Utilize Professional Networking Platforms 

Another way to build virtual connections is through networking platforms like LinkedIn and BU Connects, an online global networking platform exclusively for the BU community. Students can seek out career professionals who work in industries they’re interested in or who have similar backgrounds. Through informational interviews and coffee chats, they can learn more about specific roles and career journeys. BU Connects, in particular, is a great way to connect with alumni. Students can filter by those who are open to offering advice and mentoring, whether short- or long-term. 

Maximize Your Online Presence. Be Proactive!

Finally, we recommend students continue to maximize their online presence and personal brand. Make sure to thoroughly complete any professional social media profiles and indicate your goals and interests. This makes it easier for recruiters to find your profile and reach out with internships or jobs that could be a good fit. Additionally, creating posts about your career journey or relevant professional experience can keep your connections up to date on what you are looking for. 

There are many ways for students to connect with employers virtually, so make sure to take advantage of all these great opportunities! 

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