Use Social Media to Boost your Job Search

You’ve updated your Linkedin profile and made sure your Instagram and Facebook profiles were appropriate for prospective employers to view. You even started following a few of your top companies. 

Now what?

Here are 3 creative ways to leverage social media to boost your career and job search.

Brand Yourself as an Expert

Join professional groups in the field on LinkedIn or Facebook to learn more about the industry trends to help you stay updated and give you ideas to post and repost on your profile. It will also allow you to contribute to employer posts on industry topics. 

According to Forbes, Twitter is a great platform to become an industry expert on a particular topic by sharing articles and industry news. 

Engage, Comment, Like

While on a panel, a recruiter noted that she was more likely to respond to a LinkedIn message from a prospective candidate if she noticed that they were engaged in their company’s social media accounts. 

Continue to follow the companies that you are interested in. Pay attention to what they post. What are the most popular topics? Do they have speaker events? Do they have a blog?

If so, engage. Comment on an article, respond to other commenters, and attend one of their events. 


You can look for career opportunities using hashtags on various social media platforms. For example, you look up #hiring in LinkedIn to see what recruiters are posting. You’ll see posts from all over the world but you can scroll and filter by adding additional hashtags to limit what you see. 

You can also search career related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. 

According to Flexjobs, a few possible hashtags are #remotework, #jobs, and #jobsearch. You can also hashtag specific jobs like #socialmediamanager or #productdevelopment.

As you can see, there is more to social media than creating a profile. Using social media is  a great way to help you land your next position.

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