Stand Out in Your Job Search Process

Stand out in your job search process using these tips.

  • Research the Organization

Research the company to ensure it is welcoming and that it aligns with your core values. For example, Citi is an industry leader in its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts. According to Glassdoor, “Their 10 Affinity Groups – Asian Heritage, Black Heritage, Citi Salutes, Citi Women, Disability, Generations, Hispanic/Latino Heritage, Multicultural, Families Matter, and Pride – are designed to ensure that Citi understands, appreciates and responds to the needs of their entire employee base.” 

  • Align Your Cover Letter and Resume with Job Posting

Review the job posting and match the desired qualifications to what you have already accomplished in building your skills, education, and experience. Weave these qualifications into the cover letter and resume. Log in at to improve your resume.

  • Find the Hiring Manager’s Name for Your Cover Letter

Find the hiring manager’s name using a LinkedIn search, calling the company or in networking with a company contact. You set yourself apart from others by taking this step. You also show the hiring manager that you do the extra little things that others don’t do and that you are resourceful.

  • Be Willing to Adjust Your Cover Letter and Resume

If your cover letter and resume are getting you interviews–perfect! If not, try adjusting your cover letter and resume slightly. Try starting your cover letter with a thought-provoking question, an impressive accomplishment or sharing noteworthy information about the organization.

  • Prepare for the Interview

Preparing for an interview is key and you can find fantastic information on the CCD website or in Handshake’s Resources section. If you’re concerned about sounding overly rehearsed, that doesn’t mean to skip these preparatory steps. The key is to get yourself to prepare to the point where you do not sound rehearsed.

  • Tell Impactful Stories During the Interview

Have you overcome a significant challenge? How have you worked on a team? Have you solved problems? Employers want to know this information and this is the perfect time to tell an impactful story that will position you better for the next steps in the process.

  • Dress to Impress

Whether in-person or on Zoom, dressing your best for an interview speaks volumes about you without saying anything. Maintain good posture, exhibit confidence, and remember to smile.

  • Thank Your Interviewer

Thank each person you meet with in a 3-4 sentence email following the interview and highlight some points they mentioned to showcase your listening skills.

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