Classroom + Career Returns to In-Person

by Carina Wang

As BU gears up for a fully in-person school year, the Center for Career Development (CCD) and Educational Resource Center (ERC) wants to help you transition from LfA to in-person by connecting you with your fellow peers to foster your academic achievement and career development. Connect with our CCD-ERC Student Ambassadors at Classroom + Career, a drop-in program designed to provide Terriers with easy access to peer-to-peer academic and career advising support. For the first semester ever, Classroom + Career will also be offered at a different location each month, to better meet you where you are (details below).

My fellow student ambassadors and I will be assisting students in-person with their academic or career-related questions. For many students, CCD-ERC services may seem complicated or intimidating. We’re here to demystify how both centers work, connect with you on a peer-to-peer basis, and have informal discussions about any questions or concerns you may have.

Where does Classroom + Career take place?

Each month, Classroom + Career will take place in a different on-campus building, to better reach students where they are. In September, Classroom + Career will be hosted in the Newbury Center (755 Commonwealth Ave). October drop-ins will move to the Yawkey Center for Student Services (100 Bay State Road), home to both the CCD and ERC. And for November, Classroom + Career will move west, to the Howard Thurman Center (808 Commonwealth Ave).

What happens at Classroom + Career?

Classroom + Career drop-ins will be hosted at various times throughout the fall semester. Students can drop by to ask specific academic/career-related questions (whether it’s about resume best practices or how to best prepare for a job interview) or have a general conversation about professional and academic life at BU. We’re here for whatever you need, whether that’s walking you through how to schedule an appointment on Handshake, discussing what networking may look like in college, or brainstorming ideas to build a study plan for an upcoming quiz. Student Ambassadors, like me, are trained in CCD-ERC programming and are happy to learn more about you, work with you, and guide you.

What makes it different from regular advising appointments?

What’s unique about Classroom + Career is that it’s a peer-to-peer program. We’re students just like you—we made the adjustment from high school to BU, we take midterms and write papers, we hunt for summer internships and post-grad opportunities, and we’re also re-adapting to in-person classes and activities.

Our Student Ambassador team is made up of a diverse group of students, representing nearly all BU schools and colleges, as well as most class years. Because of this, it’s likely you’ll come across a Student Ambassador who can answer even your most specific questions. I’m majoring in Econ + Psych, and although almost everyone I talk to thinks it’s such a weird combo, I’ve been able to connect with students with the same double major (or major/minor) combination. I’ve directed my peers to economic consulting resources, and also have shared a laugh over how difficult it is to learn psychology’s SPSS program. We love sharing our personal experiences going through college and exploring possible careers, and can directly connect with you over many aspects of the journey as students ourselves.

As you adjust to an in-person BU (perhaps for the first time!), we’re here to meet you where you are and support you with your academic and professional development. We’re excited to see you, whether you’re just dropping by to ask a quick question or sitting down with us to walk through a handful of questions—we welcome you all!

For specific Classroom + Career dates and times, check out the CCD calendar or the ERC calendar. (While you’re there, check out all our events, ranging from LinkedIn workshops to Language of the Month film discussions.)

P.S. Follow the CCD (@bu_ccd) and ERC (@bu_erc) on Instagram to stay connected with us!

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