5 Logistical Tips for Virtual Interviews

Numerous companies are opting for virtual interviews, and we might overlook the mechanics when focusing on how to get ready to meet interviewers online. Here are 5 essential practices to keep in mind as you prepare:

  1. Declutter your background.

Remove any mess that is visible within the camera. Putting away any potential distractions will make it easier for your interviewer to focus on you. This may include storing away anything that may not give off a professional setting.

2. Ensure you are in good lighting.

Avoid being backlit so the interviewer can see your face clearly. Position yourself towards a light source such as a lamp or the sun. This may require you to move another lamp onto your desk or to set up your computer in a different part of your home.

3. Test your internet connection, computer battery, camera, and microphone beforehand. 

To prevent your interviewer from waiting on you, ensure you are connected to the internet and that your camera and microphone are working minutes before the call starts. Your computer should be charged fully or plugged into a power source. You may want to opt for a set of headphones to cancel out any background noise around you.

4. Avoid distractions.

Turn off your phone and mute any computer notifications before the interview begins. Close your door and remind anyone else in your home that you cannot be disturbed during the call. Think about other potential distractions that may occur and take steps to prevent them beforehand.

5. Basic interview etiquette still applies.

Dress up professionally, use appropriate body language, and be sure to send a thank you email afterwards. Although you may not be able shake hands, you can still maintain eye contact by placing the screen on Speaker Mode and moving the interviewer’s screen right below your computer camera lens. Good luck!

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