Navigating A Tough Job Market: Interview with Kate French (CAS’15), Boston Children’s Hospital

If you are a recent graduate looking for that first job after college or a current student searching for an internship, there is reason to be hopeful. Record numbers of organizations are using Handshake to advertise current internships and full-time job listings. While hope is a good thing, it is equally important to remain determined, creative and realistic during your search process.

Here are some tips with fantastic advice from BU alumni and Boston Children’s Hospital recruiter Kate French (CAS ’15) to make sure you position yourself best now.

Perfect Your Resume

Make sure that your resume is perfect. According to French, “A resume is an employer’s first introduction to you – and first impressions matter! A strong resume details not only your experience, but your skills and accomplishments. A top-notch resume will make an employer curious and want to learn more about you.” The CCD strongly recommends that students and recent alums utilize the VMock resume platform to enhance their resume. VMock is only open to students in BU degree programs. If you are an alum and used VMock as a student, you will be able to continue using it for up to two years after graduation.

Prepare for Virtual Interviews

Preparation is a huge key to success. While preparation for an in-person or virtual interview has similarities, there are also differences. French says, “Make sure you have a quiet, distraction-free area. Test your internet connection and audiovisual settings beforehand. Do a practice virtual interview to get used to seeing yourself on camera, and how the conversation flows differently when you’re in a virtual environment.”

Explore Your Industry and Others

Target opportunities inside and outside your preferred industry. Taking a position outside of your industry might offer you the opportunity to learn new skills while you continue to search for your dream role. French says, “The majority of professionals are often in fields that are completely different from what they got their degree in. The VP of Finance at Boston Children’s describes her career progression not as a ladder, but as a “jungle gym.” You are early in your career, and now is the time for you to figure out what works for you in a job. To this end, network, network, network.”

Attend Information Sessions

The CCD offers information sessions with top employers worldwide. You can learn about different industries and what opportunities employers are recruiting for while also having the opportunity to network with industry professionals. French says, “Even though you’re graduating university, learning is a lifelong process! The best employees are constantly looking for ways to hone their strengths and learn new skills.” Information sessions are a great place to continue to learn and grow.” Find an upcoming session on the CCD calendar.

Balance Your Time

Searching for employment is an exciting yet stressful experience. Balance your time by enjoying healthy activities including but not limited to running, yoga, hiking or painting. These activities will give you the balance you need to push forward!

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