Comparing and Contrasting Project Management Apps

In this current remote environment, staying on top of all your projects and tasks, and staying organized is more important than ever. Whether you want to track your professional work, your personal projects (resume updates, DIY projects), or you just want a place to list all your chores and errands, these apps have you covered. Explore them all, and pick the one that works for you!


How To Use Trello To Manage And Inspire Your Team

Trello is arguably the original “visual online corkboard” project management tool, offering up to ten “boards” in their free version. Make boards for jobs, huge projects, and more, then fill those boards up with “lists” and “cards”. Looking to get even more organized? You can add labels, images, links, due dates, and checklists to any card. Trello is an ideal place to start if you know you need to get organized, but aren’t sure how. Plus, they have video great tutorials!



Looking to get even more advanced? Are spreadsheets more your thing? Airtable might be the right fit for you. Some people prefer it to Trello for its ability to get more indepth; it can even be used as a replacement to some Excel spreadsheets, and can do things the old Microsoft standby cannot. Simply put, its a “user-friendly spreadsheet app” that has elements of databases mixed in too, allowing you to track inventory, sort feedback, and pick the right template for you, all while sharing your work with teammates. It has “bases” instead of Trello’s “boards”, and the free version gives you unlimited bases with 1,200 records (items you can track per base).


Notion – For teams

Notion is a great middleman, between Trello and Airtable, bragging to be “the tool that blends all your everyday work apps into one”. A little more intuitive and user friendly than Airtable at first, it has elements that look like Trello boards, while also offering more in the way of reminders, managing files, and taking notes. The newest of all three of these project management apps, some college students use it for everything from their class assignments to their extracurricular clubs and activities. There is a free version, as well as paid options to upgrade, as well.

Whether its one of these tools, or another, that helps you stay up to date and on top of it all while in a remote environment, we encourage you to explore and find what works best for you! These tools are great for your professional, academic, and personal life – the thousands upon thousands of Trello, Airtable, and Notion lists, bases, boards, and charts prove it!

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