Connecting Student Employment to Your Career

Have you considered an on-campus or off-campus job through BU’s Student Employment Office but are unsure if it will benefit your future career? Or, have you taken a position with the Student Employment Office (SEO) and are unsure about it applies to your resume? We often hear these questions, and the answer is that the SEO is an outstanding resource for you to use in enhancing your resume and advancing your career! In using the SEO, you can work on or off-campus, build your resume, learn new skills and use these opportunities as a stepping-stone for your future career.

The SEO has off-campus employment in childcare, retail and volunteer positions. BU’s Student Employment Services staff April Hoyt and Kevin Lynch mention, “All work experience—whether paid, unpaid, or volunteer—is a chance to build and perfect skills which can be assets in many careers. Jobs which require very little previous experience are a great opportunity for on-the-job training, and often teach vital customer service and interpersonal skills. These jobs are more than just a paycheck; they are important stepping-stones in one’s career.”

The SEO also has on-campus positions that are equally valuable. According to Hoyt and Lynch, “On-campus jobs are more likely to be related to a student’s major, and offer students the chance of being mentored by a professional who works in their desired career. Students who work in college are more likely to be employed after finishing school compared to students who do not work.” The key is to take advantage of the SEO to help get you to the next step in your professional journey.

SEO employment also builds your resume as you will be gaining more work experience and learning skills needed to be successful. SEO jobs help you develop soft skills including oral and written communication, problem solving, time management and adaptability. Hoyt and Lynch add, “In any childcare job, students are bound to learn problem-solving skills, creativity, and patience! Finally, students will learn time management skills as they figure out how to juggle attending classes and working part-time.” You can improve your resume now by going to the resources section in Handshake and uploading your resume to VMock. VMock is an online tool that will analyze your resume, giving you an immediate and detailed assessment, including specific tips for improvement.

Finally, your work experience through the SEO will help you take the next step toward landing that coveted internship or first job opportunity after graduation. As mentioned, you will be gaining new work experiences and skills in addition to showing employers that you are successfully working and attending school simultaneously. That level of adaptability stands out immediately, and if you properly align the SEO experience on your resume to that first internship or job position description, you will set yourself apart from your competition. This is compelling evidence that suggests using an SEO opportunity will lead you to wherever it is that you want to go!

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