Getting Back to Work with the Student Employment Office

Did you know?

You can work on campus without being on campus! If you have chosen the Learn from Anywhere model, or you’re simply limiting your on-campus presence, you can still work at BU.

The Student Employment Office posts available opportunities on your Student Link. Go to the Work tab, and then click on the Part-Time Listings. To limit your search to on-campus opportunities, select the ‘On-Campus’ category.

Now, more than ever, students are needed to:

  • Help host seamless virtual meetings
  • Assist instructors in transitioning to virtual classes
  • Cultivate a department’s social media presence
  • Update and maintain websites
  • Create flyers and interesting emails
  • Edit podcasts and videos
  • Organize and streamline files
  • Refresh forms, letters, and presentations
  • Clean, code, and analyze data
  • Answer phone calls and emails

For most departments, the tasks listed above are remote-work friendly! Some employers will list a job as “remote” or “work from home,” but if the posting does not specify, feel free to contact the hiring manager to ask!

Do you already have a job that you know inside and out? You can expand your role by offering to take on the above tasks, or by documenting procedures, creating guides, and updating training materials.

We encourage you to start your job search by reviewing on-campus opportunities, as on-campus supervisors tend to be more flexible in their scheduling, and more understanding of your commitments as a student. However, we also list jobs available in the surrounding community. You can find off-campus (including remote) work opportunities on the Student Link; look for Part-Time Listings under the Work tab. Keep in mind that we do not perform background checks on employers, so before you start working remotely for an off-campus employer, research them. If you need help, contact us at

The Student Employment Office updates our job listings daily, and we encourage you to check back frequently.

Happy job searching!

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