Classroom + Career Goes Virtual this Fall

As BU learns from anywhere this fall, the Center for Career Development (CCD) and Educational Resource Center (ERC) wants to meet you where you are, connect you with fellow peers, and foster your academic success and career development. Sound appealing? Connect with our CCD-ERC Student Ambassadors this fall at Classroom + Career Q&As, a virtual drop-in program with a mission to provide terriers with easy access to peer-to-peer academic and career advising support. 

As a Student Ambassador, I, along with my fellow ambassadors, will be assisting students who virtually drop in with questions. One of my favorite things about Classroom + Career Q&As is not only helping my peers, but that I learn as well. I’ve been able to grow my knowledge in an abundance of majors and careers I didn’t even know about before. From having conversations about Physician Assistant programs and academic paths to law school, I’ve expanded my academic, career, and advising awareness. 

What exactly happens at Classroom + Career Q&As?

Classroom + Career Q&As will be offered at various times throughout the fall semester, where students will be invited to “drop-in” on Zoom to ask any question or have a conversation around the featured career or academic topic of that session. Student Ambassadors, like me, are trained in CCD-ERC programming, and are there to hear you, work with you, and guide you. 

Since Classroom + Career Q&As represent both the CCD and ERC, the series of topics offered this fall will range greatly, from crafting resumes to networking and from time management to midterm exam prep, just to name a few. The conversations in these sessions can vary in depth, too. We can lead you through scheduling your first in-person resume review on Handshake, have a comprehensive conversation about how to network and make professional connections, or discuss how to build a study plan for that upcoming Chemistry quiz.

What makes it different from regular advising appointments?

The beauty of Classroom + Career Q&As is that it’s peer-to-peer. We’re students just like you – we also have made the adjustment from high school to BU rigor not too long ago, we take midterms and write papers, we hunt for summer internships and post-graduate opportunities, and we’re learning from anywhere!  

Our Student Ambassador team is also very diverse – we represent nearly all BU schools and colleges, as well as most class years. Because of this, you’re almost bound to come across a Student Ambassador who can help you with even your most specific questions. As a neuroscience major and aspiring UX designer myself, I’ve been surprised to be able to connect a CAS student interested in neuroethology research with a professor who has dedicated his professional career to just that, and bond with a Questrom student over the ins and outs of UX design. We love being able to share our personal experiences going through the college and career exploration journey, and offer a unique insight as peer advisors. 

No matter where you are this fall, we’re here to meet you where you are, and support you as you navigate your classes and professional development. We look forward to seeing you! 

P.S. Follow the CCD (@bu_ccd) and ERC (@bu_erc) on Instagram to stay connected with us!  

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