Incoming Students: Here’s What the CCD Can Do For You

Welcome to BU! You may not know us yet, but we are the BU Center for Career Development. We are your partner in making informed, self-aware decisions from your very first semester!

If you’ve given any thought to career development, you’ve probably thought of resumes and interviews, maybe also internships. But in fact, career development is at the heart of some of the most crucial decisions you’ll make in the early part of your college career.

For the Fall 2020 semester, the CCD’s doors will be open, and all services will continue to be available, wherever you’re studying from.  In line with public health and University guidelines for reducing density, most appointments and events will be virtual, but some staff will be in the office each day. Here are just some of the ways that the CCD can help you.

Selecting a Major

It’s a common myth that your major equals your career. That’s why so many students and parents feel pressure to select a major based on economic forecasts. But what CCD research has shown is that it’s the whole package of student achievement, skills, values, and interests that leads to the best career outcomes. We call it your mosaic: the experiences and aspirations that make you unique. The CCD facilitates a workshop called Career Directions that is specifically designed to help you consider your mosaic along with identifying goals, both academic and career-related. You’ll also learn about BU resources and opportunities to help you explore and plan for your time at BU. Find an upcoming session on the CCD calendar.


Did you know about 90% of Terriers complete at least one internship before graduating? It’s true. Internships are also strongly correlated with success in the job search and strong starting salaries, and many organizations look first to former interns when hiring for full-time jobs. It’s never too early to think about finding an internship, and the CCD has lots of ways to help. Sign up for an Internships 101 workshop (check our calendar) or browse listings in Handshake to find some of the thousands of internship opportunities available to you!

Online Resources: Handshake, VMock, and More

Not only does the CCD help you with all the skills and knowledge to find a great internship or job, we also help bring job and internship opportunities to you! Handshake is BU students’ online career management hub. You’ll have access to Handshake starting your first semester. After you make an account, upload your resume (we’ve got lots of ways to help you make one if you don’t have one yet or improve one if you do) and fill out your profile with your goals, preferred work location, and more. You’ll start receiving custom, private job and internship listings targeted to you from organizations specifically seeking BU talent. There are even peer-to-peer message features that let you ask other students what it’s like to work with specific organizations!

You can also find lots of resources exclusively available to BU students linked on Handshake. Explore the resources section to find some great tools, or check out a few blog posts we’ve done highlighting resources for improving your resume, finding a Micro-Internship, managing a job search, and much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s one of the reasons we suggest students start working with us from their very first semester on campus. To begin your career journey with the CCD, visit our website to learn all the resources and services we have to offer. And don’t be afraid to RSVP to a workshop or employer info session you see on our calendar!

These are uncertain times, and any opportunities you can give yourself for career development are worthwhile. We can’t wait to partner with you to help achieve your goals and aspirations!

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