One Cool Tool: Virtual Experience Programs

In the midst of the current pandemic, our lives have essentially moved online. Zoom hosts both our classes and our doctor appointments, email inboxes are more full than ever, and friend hangouts have become socially distanced and remote. While it’s a huge adjustment to make, there are also increased opportunities to take advantage of. More time and accessibility allows for chances to gain more experience. InsideSherpa’s free virtual experience programs are designed to do just that by offering you an in-depth introduction to specific roles in different companies. Here are some basics on what it is and what it offers.

Lots of companies: Many top companies, ranging from Accenture to JP Morgan to GE, partner with InsideSherpa. You can find programs for a wide variety of career interests. Some examples include Strategy Consulting, Design, Business and Human Rights (law), Climate Change (law), and Software Engineering.

Flexibility to work on your own time: Most programs take about 8-10 hours to complete, but you can work at your own pace. All you have to do is watch the assigned modules, read the assignment, and then work on the task whenever you have free time.

Exposure to real-life tasks: The assignments the program gives you are exactly like the assignments actual employees work on. For BCG’s Strategy Consulting program, for instance, the first task is market research. InsideSherpa provides you with a list of sources to peruse and an email template for when you’re ready to report on your findings. Just like the real deal.

Examples of what actual work should look like.

Once you upload an assignment, you unlock a real work sample, done by the company itself. You can compare and revise your work, and even re-upload your second attempt.

Recruiters can reach out to you.

Recruiters will have access to your work, and not only can they message you via InsideSherpa, but they can also fast track and prioritize your application if they like what they see. You can also opt-out of sharing your work too.

Completing a virtual experience program may not only help you get your CV and LinkedIn profile noticed by companies, but it’ll give you a chance to understand the work companies do and develop the skills necessary for those roles. Check out InsideSherpa today!

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