The Importance of Well-Being in a Job Search

During these difficult times, we are all experiencing many changes, adjustments and uncertainties. We may also be experiencing a range of emotions such as grief, fear, anxiety, anger or feeling overwhelmed. In addition, may be dealing with further concerns such as job loss either for ourselves or our families, or we may be dealing with general uncertainty about what to expect next.

There are many resources you can take advantage of to help you cope through Boston University, including the BU Wellbeing project and the Student Health Services page.

Our overall emotional well being needs to be considered as we make plans to move forward with our career goals. Remember, you will want to keep an eye on your mental wellness. By recognizing the emotional upheaval you may be experiencing and allowing yourself to feel the discomfort, you can move forward toward your goals more easily.

In general, here are a few steps on how to cope, plan and move forward.

Practice self-care
Self-care is essential to consider, especially during a job or internship search process that can be stressful enough all on its own. Try to get plenty of sleep and exercise. Keep your connections and social support. We recommend that you try to increase your contacts for informational interviewing and networking as well. Take advantage of resources such as CAN for reaching out to BU alumni.

Practice self-compassion
Try to give yourself space and acceptance for where you are in this process and be realistic about what you can accomplish during these uncertain times. Consider practicing mindfulness to keep yourself in the present moment and to calm yourself. If you are feeling particularly anxious and need suggestions on how to cope, check out this list from the SHS.

Review your career goals
Because some career plans may have been put on hold, now is a great time to review where you are with your career plan and goals. Maybe you were planning to do a summer internship and it has been postponed. Think about how you can use your time wisely to continue to develop your skills and interests. Consider taking an online course to brush up on a skill area or maybe look for an opportunity to do some virtual volunteering. Develop your list on contacts using LinkedIn or Handshake alumni.

Stay Proactive
Keep your career goals in mind and work toward them. Develop weekly goals and action steps that are concrete and doable. However, try not to put too much undue pressure on yourself and think about several plans you might pursue.

Take advantage of the Center for Career Development
You can schedule an individual appointment with a counselor to discuss any career related issue through Handshake. We also have many webinars on timely topics such as “Job Search Strategies in the Virtual World”
and “How to Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage.” Check out our event calendar for more listings.

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