Getting Ready For Your Virtual Interview

While you have probably thought about what it will be like to participate in a remote internship or job, what about that first step? Virtual interviews have been growing in popularity for years, and given the reality of remote work right now, they will probably comprise the majority of students’ current job search. Luckily, BU students have access to a tool that makes preparing for virtual interview success a snap!

Big Interview is a job interviewing tool that provides an opportunity to practice, practice, practice and master your interview answers. You will find it to be very user friendly too. It will give you that needed edge for those virtual interviews that employers will be using to get to know you.

To get started go into the Career Center inside of Handshake and click on Resources. You will need to register and then you’ll see a learning area that let’s you chose a “fast track” that gives you video lessons for a solid foundation in interviewing or a “master track” which will provide a more comprehensive, robust understanding. There are other useful video tutorials and more in the “Help Center” to support you if you need it.

You can select from thousands of interview questions that are grouped by general categories including experience level, competency and skill sets, or more specific industries and job roles. You can skip around and pick only those questions you are interested in. You can also select the difficulty level of the interview to experience different styles of interviewers.

Once you have selected the questions you want to practice, just click the play button. When you have completed your answer, you can go to the next question. When you are ready, you can record your answers and play back your responses to review. You have the option to save your response, re–record it, or delete it

When you have completed your recordings, go to My Videos to look at your saved answers. Select the videos you want to share and send them via email to the person you want to do the review and give you feedback. The person receiving the email can then rate the response and give you individual feedback.  You can also make an appointment with a career counselor in Handshake to do a review through a virtual counseling appointment.

Remember, practice makes perfect and Big Interview will get you there!

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