Internships After Graduation

Graduating soon and not quite sure what you want to do? Or if you want a career in your major? Do you want to try something new, or gain some new experience?

Intern again!

It takes an average of 3-6 months to secure full time employment after graduation typically anyway, so why spend that time stressing over countless applications and why not spend that time:

  • Testing out a company of interest
  • Testing out a field/role of interest
  • Network and make new connections
  • Further hone your skills and gain more experience that will put your resume above the rest
  • Increase your chances for a full time job offer!

Most companies hire interns with the goal of hiring them long term afterwards. Just like an internship is a way for students to test out a company/industry, the company also gets the opportunity to “test out” their interns, as well as train and develop them into the full time employees they seek. 

It is highly desirable for companies to hire recent graduates for internships because of the flexibility it offers! There are no strict start/end dates for the student to end and return to school by. They can offer the student a full time job as soon as the head count becomes available, instead of waiting for the student to graduate, or feeling pressured by the internship end date. Post grad internships are easily extendable!  

Not every company accepts recent grad applications for internships, but those who do find a lot of value in hiring a recent grad, as they have more experience and most likely previous internship experience that would make them a strong contributor. 

So, instead of spending your summer applying to full time jobs you are unsure of, spend this time learning new skills, exploring new opportunities, and making lasting connections that will aid in your career development for years to come!

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