Employer Perspectives: Why an Internship with Enterprise Was My Best College Decision

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When I was a college Junior, careers weren’t on my mind in the fall. But one of my professors encouraged me to attend a career fair, where I met an Enterprise recruiter. The recruiter was friendly and engaging, and when she told me about the paid internship, I was sold.

I had so much fun during my internship and the summer flew by. It ended up being the busiest summer I had ever experienced, and it changed my life forever. Here’s how my experience shaped my future, and why I would recommend an Enterprise internship to anyone looking to jump-start their career.

You’ll gain the experience of a full-time employee.

I learned about customer service, finance, operations and logistics, and applying my accounting degree—all in one summer. I was treated just like every other full-time Management Trainee. I was on track to graduate early and getting a taste of a professional environment fueled my drive to finish my degree and jump into the working world. I even ended up finishing at the top of the Intern performance matrix and getting a bonus at the end of the summer, and an offer to return to Enterprise after graduation.

You’ll get your foot in the door.

Now, almost nine years later, I reflect on that whirlwind of a summer and how my internship turned into a career with Enterprise. I came back to Enterprise after graduation and started as a Management Trainee. Because of my performance as an intern, I was able to receive my first promotion within seven months! Within three years, I was running my own business as a Branch Manager. Now, I am a recruiter with Enterprise, and oversee the Internship program for the Central and West Texas region.

You’ll develop professionalism and confidence.

That summer, in addition to learning how to run a business, I gained a professional maturity that put me a cut above my peers, as well as a newfound confidence in myself. I love seeing that same metamorphosis from our interns when they come to orientation to the end of the program.

You’ll grow a supportive network and see how others succeed within the company.

Several of the managers I worked under during my internship are now in upper management roles. Seeing so much internal movement in my career fuels me to do better, because I know the sky is the limit. I’ve also connected with several mentors that I know I can always lean on. Remember that friendly, engaging recruiter for the career fair? We now work in the same department, and she continues to be a mentor to me.

My favorite part of being a recruiter is visiting college campuses and telling students about our internships. It’s rewarding to speak from my own experience and connect with students, just like a recruiter did for me 9 years ago. So, if you’re internship-hunting this fall and you see an Enterprise booth, come say hello! You never know how much it might change your life.

To apply for the Enterprise Management Trainee Internship, click here.

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