Student Internship Stories: Miranda David (SAR’20), HBO

By Miranda David (SAR’20)

This past summer I was lucky enough to pursue my dreams in the finance and accounting department at HBO in New York City. Although very different then anything I have ever done, this was a great opportunity to use my passions and skills in the business field.

CCD: Tell us about your work experience. What were your responsibilities?

This summer I interned in my hometown of New York City! I had the opportunity to intern at HBO in the Hudson Yards Office, and I am forever grateful. I was a Financial Reporting and Forecasting Intern for the Movies and Original Series teams. Having the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of people on the daily, exceeded my expectations. HBO truly, was an awesome place to work at. 

My day to day often changed, and it kept me on my toes. I was able to help out and fill in wherever there was a gap, and it allowed me to experience a larger scope of the HBO finance department. I assisted in the preparation and analysis of supporting documentation to my controllers ATTP group, with month and quarterly financial close. I also helped prepare studio and movie licensing payments (this was super fun). Lastly, I created task account codes for Post Production and Archival expense processing and tracking. It was great to be given work that senior accountants do on the daily. 

CCD: What was the best thing about your summer internship?

My favorite part about my summer internship, is the fact that I have met some of the best and most intelligent people. Not only did I work for two great teams, but I was surrounded by twenty-two other interns who were as passionate and goal-oriented as I am.

Whenever I had a question or needed assistance everyone was willing to help me. I never felt left out, and I truly felt like an accountant. Another great thing about the HBO summer internship is its focus on making the interns well rounded. Once or twice a week we would have speaker seminars or panel series, and sometimes lunches. It was an honor hearing from the executives who volunteered their time to speak to us. 

CCD: What is your favorite HBO Show?

There is so much great content that HBO produces, that it is hard to pick! I really love Sex and the City and Ballers.

CCD: What advice do you have for other college students after your experience?

If I had to give some advice it would be to always say yes, always asks questions, never give up, it is okay to struggle a little bit so do not be hard on yourself, have fun, and lastly, always add value!

CCD: Did your internship help clarify your career goals?

After this amazing experience, I am very confident in the fact that I would love to explore the Finance and Accounting industry some more. I have gone through a journey that has sparked a love for the entertainment industry. Not only did I become really interested in the accounting side of the entertainment industry, I also became interested in the accounting side of the sports industry. Hopefully, after college I can work as an accountant or consultant.

Thank you HBO, for a great summer !

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