Dress for Success

Landing a job or an internship is not always an easy feat. You know the drill, submit your resume, go through a phone screen, schedule the in person interview.  You’re excited, but wait….how are you supposed to dress for the interview?

According to J.K. Rowling, “A good first impression can work wonders.” First impressions are important and they include everything from good eye contact, firm handshake, body language, etc. 

Like it or not, your dress can influence people’s perceptions of you.

When it comes to an interview, appearance does matter. When in doubt, wear professional or business attire (even if the company has a casual work environment). A sloppy appearance could end your chance of being hired before you even open your mouth to greet the interviewer. Interviewers will judge you based on how you present yourself.

Here’s a video to help you plan your interview outfit!

When dressing for an interview, there are a few key points to remember:

  • Be comfortable in what you choose to wear – if you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to be confident. If you’re confident, you’re more likely to get the job.
  • It’s better to be overdressed rather than underdressed
  • Clothes should be clean, wrinkle free, and not too tight
  • Don’t wear excessive cologne or perfume
  • Limit the amount of jewelry
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable and polished

How you dress for the job, isn’t always the same as how you dress for the interview. Make sure you’re remembered for all of the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Good luck and go get that job.

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