Internship Stories: Google

By Ann-Lyssa Asare (CAS’20)

I was fortunate enough to intern for Google on the Legal Operations Trademarks Team this summer. I took this once in a lifetime opportunity and ventured into what was very unknown territory to me as a social science major, fostering new skills in the tech field.

CCD: What is the Google BOLD Internship Program and what was the application process like?

It is crazy to think that this journey began September 18th, 2018, when I had applied for the BOLD Internship Program a day after applications opened. BOLD stands for Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development, where the program is designed for rising seniors seeking opportunities in the technology field at Google. Furthermore, the program is meant to expose underrepresented groups to the opportunity of working in the technology field.

I did not receive a notice that I was selected to interview until late February. With countless hours of prepping to be prepared for my interviews, I was still extremely nervous. I had two back to back interviews with the company. Weeks went by and I did not hear anything back in regards to my candidacy. I started to doubt myself because in the same amount of time, I had gotten about twenty rejections from other jobs I had applied to. It took almost five weeks to finally get the call I was looking for.

CCD: What was is it like interning for Google?

Never in a million years did I imagine myself finding my way to Google as a social science major. Often times, when you think about possible Google internships, you think about software engineering. It was only until I discovered the Google BOLD Internship Program, that I was made aware of the non-tech opportunities at companies like Google that had teams in sales, marketing, and people operations.

Aside from completing my internship project by the end of the summer, my day-to-day incorporated professional development. The program was designed to ensure we got the best out of our experience and grew throughout the process, so often times I would attend career development workshops and have coffee chats with various people across the company. However, one of the best parts of the internship was the perks! Free food all day and everyday and intern events like the boat cruise around San Francisco.

I woke up happy everyday to go to work!

CCD: What was the work culture at Google like?

The work I did with my team was amazing but it was the company culture that made working for Google an experience like no other. I was able to partake in #GoogleServe, a month where Google employees are tasked with giving back to the community. My team and I repainted and refurbished a local children’s center. It felt great to do something for the community. Google also has ERGs, Employee Resource Groups. I became a part of the Black Googlers Network where I  was able to share the experience with people who looked like me.

Additionally, what separates Google’s company culture is also the dress code, which is casual. In my office, there was a Googler famous for not wearing shoes. Nonetheless, I felt very comfortable in my work environment because no matter your background, there was a place for you in the company.

CCD: What challenges did you face during your internship?

The biggest challenge that I faced was having the imposter syndrome at the beginning of my internship. I started my journey at Google very much questioning how I got there. “Why me” constantly loomed through my head. I wondered how I fit into the dynamic of such a huge company. However, I overcame it and know now that this opportunity was always meant to be!

CCD: Did your internship help clarify your career goals?

After this experience, I am more confident in the fact that I would like to continue my career aspirations of working in the legal field. I have become so intrigued and fascinated in tech law that I hope to study it in the future. My goal is to work for some time after I graduate, attend law school in maybe three years, and somehow find my way back to a company like Google and become Legal Counsel.

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