What Can the CCD Do For You?

The Boston University Center for Career Development, or CCD, is where you go when you’re not even sure what your question is. We’re here for you from your first year at BU, and offer resources to help you make the big decisions of your college life – decisions like what major to choose, how to find an internship, whether to go to grad school, and how to succeed at your first job.

Below, learn more about what the CCD can do for you.

Majors: We know you have lots of interests, and sometimes the subject you thought you’d major in changes as you take new and interesting classes. How to decide where you want to focus? Our workshop, Career Directions, is designed for students just like you who are still deciding on a major. Find a Career Directions session on our calendar. You can also read about finding a major on the CCD website, and make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your options one-on-one.

Workshops: Throughout the academic year, workshops on career development topics are held at the CCD offices at 100 Bay State Road. These workshops may be attended by students in any degree-granting program, no matter what school or college, including graduate students. Workshops are held on topics from crafting and perfecting a resume or CV, to using LinkedIn effectively, to how to ace an interview! Find upcoming workshops on the CCD calendar.

Events: There are tons of events hosted by the CCD throughout the academic year that focus on career development topics at many venues around campus. The largest event is the University-Wide Career Fair, held every semester at the GSU. The Career Fair brings over 100 top organizations in many fields to campus seeking Terriers just like you for internships, jobs, and networking opportunities. It’s a great way to make connections that could lead to your next step. But that’s far from the only time employers come to BU. Industry Afternoons, meet and greets, on-campus interviews, and many more opportunities exist for you to get real face-to-face experiences with recruiters before you even graduate. Other events throughout the year can give you a chance to meet exciting alumni, network with students doing amazing things, and practice your career development skills. Find all our events and RSVP on our calendar.

Handshake: When you officially become a BU student, you receive access to a unique online community called Handshake. Handshake is a social network, job board, resource hub, and event calendar all rolled into one, and many of the things you’ll find on Handshake are exclusive just to BU students like you. On Handshake, thousands of employers post exclusive internship and job listings and recruit for on-campus interviews. You can also use Handshake to make a one-on-one appointment with a career counselor, who is a great partner for you in determining the choices you want to make. Explore Handshake to find amazing things like Big Interview, which lets you practice tricky interview questions, resources on how to avoid employment scams, seek jobs in international cities, watch videos from professionals in many different fields, and much more. Handshake also features reviews of organizations that other Terriers have joined, giving you an inside look into what a day in the life is really like.

Resumes and Cover Letters: Without a doubt, resumes and cover letters are the most important documents for introducing yourself to prospective employers. A strong resume and cover letter highlights you as a candidate and makes the case why you would be an asset to the organization. If you’ve never written a resume or cover letter before, explore the information we have available on our website to begin your first draft. Once you have, you can use our state-of-the-art resume review tool VMock to get customized feedback from your computer or smartphone. The CCD also offers resume and cover letter review workshops throughout the semester, and once you have a strong draft you can put on the finishing touches by making an in-person resume or cover letter review appointment in Handshake.

Internships: An internship is a work experience you have for a limited period of time, usually when you are still a student. Internships are most often performed off-campus; you arrive to work and conduct yourself as you would if you were an employee of that organization. Internships may be paid, and may continue no longer than a semester or as long as a few years. Internships are a great way to get a taste of what a particular organization or field is really like, and give you valuable experience for your resume and contacts for future networking. At the CCD, we offer living allowance stipends to qualifying students with unpaid internships through the CCD Funded Internships. You can also attend Internships 101, a workshop that guides you through the internship search and application process, and find more information on our website. Career events throughout the year like the Career Fair and Industry Afternoons also bring employers to campus seeking Terriers for open internship positions. Find Internships 101 workshops and upcoming events on the CCD calendar.

Graduate School: If you’re thinking about graduate school, the CCD can help. Our website has tons of resources on crafting a compelling application, choosing the right program, exploring funding options, and much more. Browse our Graduate School Guide for tips on your search, and as always, you can make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your options and plan the next step.

Employment: By now, if you’ve utilized the CCD to research your options, make contacts with employers, and improve your skills as a career seeker, you will be well poised to have a successful search for employment after graduation. In fact, the CCD has found that students who use career services during their time at BU have an average higher starting salary and find a job more quickly than those who don’t! If you’ve already begun exploring career services, we encourage you to invite your friends to join a workshop, attend an event, or speak with a career counselor. BU is a leader in the world in terms of job performance, and organizations in many fields are always seeking BU talent.

Give yourself an edge in the search by visiting us at the CCD!

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