VMock: Get Resume Advice From People You Trust

When using VMock to review your resume, once you reach a score of 65+, you can ask real people to give you input via the “Network Feedback” feature. But before you send your request, take these steps to ensure professional etiquette and quality feedback.

Be thoughtful about who you ask
Ask the people you trust and have talked to about your career path. Professors you know well, friends, family, mentors, and prior supervisors or co-workers can all be great choices. But if you wouldn’t ask someone for help in person, then you shouldn’t ask them through VMock.

Talk to the person before asking through VMock
Before sending your request through VMock, ask the person if they are willing to review your resume. If they say yes, let them know they will receive an email request with editing instructions. They will be able to review your resume within VMock without having to sign in or sign up for an account.

Craft a customized message in VMock
When you select the “Network Feedback” option, enter the name and email address of the person you’re requesting feedback from. You are given a space to write a message. Explain what your goals are for using the resume, and what you are looking for them to focus on. This helps them give you more precise advice.

Give them a reasonable deadline for when you would like to receive advice
If you have a deadline you are trying to meet, let your reviewer know. Give them a reasonable amount of time to provide thoughtful feedback while also giving yourself enough time to make changes before the deadline.

Thank your reviewer
This is self-explanatory but once you get feedback, it’s very important to acknowledge their effort. You can do this outside of VMock either via email or in person.

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