Working With Third-Party Recruiters

As you begin to conduct your job search, you will most likely utilize a variety of search methods. One growing trend is the use of third-party recruiters.

Third-party recruiters are defined by NACE (The National Association of Colleges and Employers) as “agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs.”

Types of Third-Party Recruiters

Employment/Staffing Agencies

  • Post positions for a number of different organizations and receive payment if their referred candidate is hired

Search Firms

  • Retained by employers to search and screen qualified candidates to fill specific positions. Fees are paid by the employers

Contract Recruiters

  • Hired by employers to represent them in the recruiting and employment process

A third-party recruiter may be very helpful in your job search process, but it important to keep in mind several factors.

  • Read all materials very carefully and do not be afraid to ask questions.
  • Find an organization that has openings in your field.
  • Ensure that your information is only being shared with the employer where you are seeking a position. The recruiter must clearly state that your information will not be used outside the organization. You must authorize, in writing, if you choose to allow the recruiter to share your information elsewhere.
  • Assure that you are not responsible for any fees and that the organization will be paying all fees involved.
  • Be sure the organization treats candidates equally and fairly. Qualified candidates should be presented to employers without regard to your race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Third-party recruiters are allowed to post positions on Handshake, but they must disclose the client they are representing in the job description.

Working with a third-party recruiter can be a useful resource as you search for employment. Remember to thoroughly research any organization you choose to work with. If you have any questions or concerns about third-party recruiters, please contact the Center for Career Development.

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