Researching Your Career Options? Use Vault Intelligence Guide

Are you finding it difficult to make a decision about what direction you want to take for your career? Do you feel like you only know the basics about the careers that you are considering? There are so many potential choices and information available out there it can be so overwhelming. Don’t worry, we have a wonderful online resource to get you started!

As a student, now is the time to begin your career exploration process by learning about any career fields that you find compelling.  So, how do you begin to get informed about all those career options you might want to pursue and clarify what is required? The Center for Career Development has you covered. Tap into your career research with Vault Career Intelligence.

What is Vault? It is a valuable career research tool that enhances your understanding of what it is like to work in an industry, field, company or position of your choice with regularly updated information and insights. So whether you are in the process of exploring your options or ready to begin interviewing, Vault will provide in-depth information and insight into what it is really like to be in your chosen career area.

First things first, let me guide you to where this fabulous comprehensive resource is located on our website.  Go into your Handshake account. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the “Career Center” drop down menu and then click on “Resources”. About halfway down the page you will see Vault Career Intelligence. Once you are in Vault, create an account login.  You can customize your account with your preferences and Vault has many features to review.

One important feature I want to focus on today inside Vault are the Vault Guidebooks (located on the left-hand sidebar) organized alphabetically by industry. There is a wide-ranging list including areas such as; Accounting, Advertising & Marketing, Consulting, Law, Environmental Careers, Nonprofit, Sports and Healthcare and so many more – there are over 100 industries covered and the eBooks are all downloadable. Are you wondering whether to go into consulting or maybe marketing? Use Vault to compare your career options, get updated on the latest trends in the industry or review what the specific job titles are and what companies are looking for such as; industry standards, skills needed, education level and salary ranges. Read about the top firms in the industry including a brief snapshot of their stats, where they are located, their history and their culture. Vault is your one stop resource to keep you informed.

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