Get Your Career “In Shape:” Show Your T-Shape To Employers

As you consider where you would like to work, and what you would like to do when you get there, and the skills that you can take to your internship while at BU or an entry-level position upon graduation, keep in mind the other side of the coin. What are employers seeking in the current marketplace?

Most organizations will agree that they seek a handful of competencies in their new talent and expect those to have been developed during your time in high school and college.  Those competencies include oral/written communications, critical thinking, teamwork, technology, leadership potential, professional work ethic, personal career management, and global awareness.

But that’s not all. To be considered truly “career-ready” in today’s world, you will be expected to bring some level of expertise to your profession and position.

Envision the letter “T” where those competencies stretch across the horizontal top. Those should be in place, identifiable, and even transferable to your future career moves as you grow professionally. The vertical section of your “T” is where you have demonstrated and developed applicable professional expertise.

Whether it be accounting, software development, creative writing, language interpretation, or playing piano, your employer will expect you to bring a specific skill set to your job that will make you and the organization successful. Your expertise will come from coursework, research, internships, summer jobs, and more.

As your career path progresses, your “T” will develop more than one vertical expertise while your core competencies enable you to make cross-functional career moves and help you fit into organizational structures and strategic plans. More expertise creates a stronger “T” that can stand on its own, just like you!

So, as you prepare your next move, think about ways to demonstrate your “T” shape to employers.

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