Internship Series: Bytedance

Bytedance (Jinri Toutiao)

Xueqing (Annie) Wu

CAS 20’ Statistics & Psychology

Data Analyst

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities?

I interned in Bytedance, which is the fourth largest technology company in China. My position was data analyst, and I was assigned to a subsidiary corporation called DCar which is an app that provides people with automotive industry information and communities for people to share their insights on cars. During this internship, I mainly researched on the automotive environment and the financial performance of the competitors of our company.

CCD: What you have learned from this internship? 

Due to the short time period, I did not actually do data analytics, but I did learn a lot about what data analysts do and what skills a data analyst requires from my colleagues. Also, I have learned the cycle of creating a new product and how a big company operates.

CCD: What was the best thing about the experience? What was the worst? 

The best thing I gained from this internship was the great people I got to know in the company. They are really motivated and inspiring. They always pursued high quality. Although they have already grown as a large company, they still keep the quality of humility. Those people and the quality of the company is what I learned most. However, the downside is that I feel the pressure that I’m not as excellent as they are, but I convert the pressure to motivation to work harder and become as excellent as they are.

Also, I learned the cycle of creating a new product. The product manager needs to get insights from data and manage to develop a new product or improve the current product to make profits for the company. During this process, the product manager needs to develop the idea of how the product should be like. Then, they need to tell the developers about their demands and communicate with other departments about the schedule. After communication and refinement, the product can finally go online.


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