What’s New In Handshake

By now, you’re definitely familiar with Handshake. BU’s online career management hub has changed the game for finding an internship or job as a BU student.

Launched in 2017, Handshake is your one-stop shop for managing your career here at BU. You may have already explored Handshake, but there’s always something new to discover with this amazing tool.

Before we get started, if you’ve never checked Handshake out, visit our Handshake category for posts on the basics. They’ll walk you through logging in, setting up an account, and beginning to search through the jobs and internships offered by the thousands of organizations looking to recruit students like you.

In addition to the tips and tricks outlined in these posts, Handshake has some exciting new features for Fall 2018:

  • Job Reviews: You can now see reviews from real interns/employees of thousands of organizations that use Handshake. Read reviews to help you make career decisions, and write reviews for organizations you work with!
  • Q&A: You can now use Handshake to directly ask questions to organizations. Your question will be answered by a representative from the organization. View all answered questions to help you decide where to apply!
  • Improvements to Recommended Jobs: Handshake overhauled its algorithm to ensure you get the most relevant recommendations when you log into the system. The homepage has also been revamped to make recommended jobs easier to see. Want to improve your recommendations even further? Fill out your Handshake profile and indicate your career interests via the drop-down menu by your name.
  • Refer a Friend and Win: Have a friend who hasn’t logged into Handshake yet? You can find a referral link on your Handshake to send to friends via email or social media. When your friends log into Handshake for the first time via your referral link, you and they are both entered to win scholarships!
  • New & Improved Apps: The Handshake app has been given a complete upgrade. For the first time, Handshake is available for Android devices, not just Apple. So no matter which device you use, you can keep up with your career goals on the go. You’ll notice all kinds of improved features in the app this year, like an easier process for applying to jobs and maps to navigate the Career Fair! Search “Handshake” in the app store on your phone to download the app.

And of course, Handshake is still the place to go to RSVP for workshops, on-campus employer events, and career fairs, and make appointments with career counselors.

There’s so much to explore in Handshake. Get started today!

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