Advice from the Other Side: Powering Through After Spring Break

Sarah Farkas shares tips for spring semester success.

I was talking with a group of students two weeks ago who just couldn’t wait to go on Spring Break. They were all exhausted and a number of them seemed to already be in the Spring Break mindset—they’d let their assignments get away from them because they already felt like they were on vacation.

Most students feel this excited when they approach Spring Break and, let’s face it, it can be hard to return to the grind after a week of vacation (one day you’ll learn that this applies to your careers as well). Here a few tips for staying positive as you leave your vacation behind you.


Coming back to campus in September often feels like an exciting, new beginning because you’ve had a long summer to have fun and set goals for yourself. There’s no reason that you can’t look at your return to classes this week as a new beginning as well—it’s all about perspective.

You may not have spent the last week thinking about what’s working and what’s not, but why not take a few minutes now to do that and apply it to the rest of the semester? Spring Break really does kind of cut the semester in half, so you have the choice to approach the back half of the semester with renewed energy and focus. You did just have a vacation, after all!

Find Your Motivation

If renewed energy and vigor doesn’t work for you, then find your motivation wherever you can. Perhaps you can’t wait until your next vacation—there’s nothing wrong with that. But the only way that you can get there and feel like you deserve it is to put the work in now.

Try to find something new that interests you about each of your courses, even if it feels a tiny bit forced at first. It’s much easier to pay attention to and absorb information that you genuinely care about, and there’s a way to find a kernel of interest in even the driest of subjects if you really look for it.

The week after Spring Break doesn’t have to be depressing. Use this time as an opportunity to approach your courses with fresh eyes and renewed interest!

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