Advice from the Other Side: How Internships Prepare You for a Career

Boston University provides students with a comprehensive, well-rounded education that prepares you for meaningful careers in all sorts of exciting industries. There’s no doubt that your time spent as a Terrier will strengthen your knowledge and skill set, but you want to be sure that you are not relying solely on your coursework to get you that dream job. Completing at least one internship while in undergrad prepares you for a successful career in many ways, including the following:

You’ll learn how to apply your skills. As a BU student, you begin to develop lots of valuable skills such as organization, critical thinking, and time management. These skills are crucial to being a valuable employee, and an internship will teach you how to apply your skills to a job in effective ways.

You’ll experience what a career in a particular field might be like. Your responsibilities as an intern will likely be much lighter than those in a full-time position, but your experience will still give you valuable insight into what a career in that field might be like. Even if you don’t love your internship, you’ll still be that much closer to figuring out what you want in a career.

You’ll make professional connections. Networking is becoming increasingly more essential in the job search process. Internships are a great way to build your professional network, specifically if you want to work in that industry after you graduate. During your time at your internship, be sure to meet as many people as you can, and build strong relationships with your supervisor(s).

If you’re currently looking for an internship, or would like some additional ideas about your next internship venture, the Center for Career Development is hosting a great event for you on Tuesday, March 20th! The Internship Insights Expo will provide an opportunity for you to learn all about the internship experiences of fellow Terriers. The Expo is similar in format to a career fair; approximately 40 students from different majors and class years will each have their own table at which to talk to you all about their internships in a variety of industries. CCD staff will also be on hand to answer your questions about obtaining an internship, and information will be available about receiving funding for eligible unpaid internships through our Funded Internship Programs. Plus, you’ll get free food!

Internships build a wide variety of skills and add valuable experience to your resume. Employers post new internship opportunities weekly on Handshake. Be proactive and start applying for internships that will prepare you for a successful career!

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