Internship Series: Deloitte

Shivansh Chaturvedi (CAS/Questrom’19) spent his summer at Deloitte’s offices in India, meeting clients and learning business processes.

Shivansh ChaturvediShivansh C. internship
CAS/Questrom’19 | Economics & Business Administration
Risk Advisory Summer Analyst

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities? 

Shivansh: I performed risk assessment for third-party vendors through manual vouching of documents and ledgers by creating and analyzing large-scale Excel spreadsheets. I was often asked to design and execute tests of internal controls and supply-chain/back-end processes through data analytics and SAP/ERP software. Every week, I would travel to client offices and factories to conduct on-site risk assessment of business processes such as revenue, sales, inventory, payroll, and vendor communication through databases. Finally, I advised clients on weak points within their financial structures, in order to mitigate losses for the upcoming fiscal year, based on extrapolated data. Essentially, I served as a consultant to many large firms.

CCD: What was the best thing about the experience? What was the worst? 

Shivansh: The best part was the routine. I genuinely enjoy a rigorous and constant schedule, whereby I was waking up early in the morning and working late into the hours of the night, constantly absorbing information. The worst part was probably the heat; working in India, I faced 100 degree weather and still had to wear a suit to work.

CCD: What are the top 3 skills you’ve learned from this experience?

Shivansh: 1) How to use Excel without ever even touching the mouse; 2) How to be more detail-oriented; 3) Rapid mental math and pattern recognition skills.

CCD: What advice would you give to another student about making the most of a summer experience? 

Shivansh: Try to get your name heard and seen as much as you can!


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