Internship Series: The Boston Globe

Natasha Mascarenhas (COM’19) spent her summer at the Boston Globe, immersed in breaking news and social media for a major news organization.

Natasha MascarenhasNatasha M. internship
COM’19 | Journalism
Business Department Intern

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities? 

Natasha: I curate the weekly/daily agenda of the latest business events, maintain the @GlobeBiz twitter account and coordinate social media around breaking news stories, and write breaking news pieces for the Metro section. I also work on features and news briefs for the business section, and I run the Bloomberg Stock Exchange Machine and update the Top 25 Companies in the mass index.

CCD: What surprised you about your summer experience? 

Natasha: Everyone is so humble, despite being so accomplished. You’d be surprised how many reporters would get lunch with you to talk about journalism.

CCD: How has this experience changed your future plans? 

Natasha: It confirmed that I want to work at a daily publication. Working for a traditional paper amidst its transition to a more unconventional, dynamic and challenging paper is essential. There are no instructions on how to get rid of the “fake news stereotype” other than to dynamically deliver amazing journalism everyday. Being with people who have worked in the industry for as many as 40 years, or as few as 4 months – shows me that it’s an ongoing conversation and something I’d like to be a part of.

CCD: What advice would you give to another student about making the most of an internship experience?

Natasha: Ask questions, never say no even if the task isn’t in your job description, and most definitely offer your experience if you think it would help. For me it was nominating myself for the @GlobeBiz Twitter position. I had a lot of downtime between stories and I wanted to contribute in some way, this was how I did it.


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