Internship Series: Legendary Entertainment

Benjamin LawsonBen Lawson internship
CAS/GRS ’18 | Computer Science
Data Science Intern

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities? 

Benjamin: I was responsible for an R&D project related to video and image understanding. At the end of the summer, I packaged my research into a tool that could be used across teams. I presented every other week to the team for good coding practices workshops, journal/reading club, and group meetings.

CCD: What was the best thing about this experience?

Benjamin: The best thing about this experience was probably the people at Legendary. A close second would be the project and work. The team I worked with at Legendary was incredibly diverse, with many people either spending time abroad or being from other countries. There was a genuine effort to integrate the summer interns into the team with the full-time employees. Everyone was also very smiley and happy in general.

CCD: What surprised you about your summer experience?

Benjamin: I was surprised that Legendary Entertainment had such a technical and academic presence. There’s generally a PhD intern every semester, there were speakers from universities, and some people are working on submitting a paper to a peer-review conference.


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